“Mohenjo Daro”… Less history and more of a ghastly Krrish prequel set in 2016 BC!

Mohenjo… Mohenjo… Mohenjo… Mohenjo Daro! Javed Akhar saab, seriously? Oh wait! Let us rewind to 2006 AD. There lived a Superhero called Krrish. Played by Hrithik Roshan, Krrish lead a near-anonymous life. His granny was unaware of something called personal space. Krrish suspected of having something extraordinary in him. One fine day, he meets a pretty (annoying) damsel, who, […]

‘White’ review – a jaded, pointless London escapade

Take a Hollywood rom-com’s screenplay. Adapt the dialogues to Malayalam. Also add some horrendous, meaningless lines in English. Make Huma Qureshi and our very own Mammootty share super-awkward chemistry across London skylines, subways and breweries. Voila, you get Uday Ananthan’s inconsequentially-titled White! The director must have addressed a basic question – […]