‘Personal Shopper’ review – an unnerving Olivier Assayas thriller

Personal Shopper directed by veteran French filmmaker Olivier Assayas‘ is a psychological thriller. Excepting the lead actor’s profession, the film is about anything but shopping. Barely 5 minutes into the film, Assayas makes his stance clear on what lies ahead. Telling the tale of Maureen who’s a stuck-up staff of […]

Tschick (Goodbye Berlin) – Fatih Akin’s ode to adolescence

Two teenagers. A stolen lada. No agenda. One helluva road trip with a Richard Clayderman cassette tape springing a bright surprise. Fatih Akin’s Tschick has all trappings of a riotous commercial bromance – just that the protagonists are in their adolescence. Screened at 18th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star, Tschick interestingly is […]

‘Like Father Like Son’ review – a delicate film on parenting

Like Father Like Son (そして父になる), a Japanese drama film directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, juxtaposes a been-there-seen-that idea to an unusual yet believable premise. The film, just as the title suggests, is all about parenting. As far as the message is concerned, this is one film where the director safely relies […]