‘The Girl Who Left Home’ review – an emotionally potent musical melodrama

Performing arts, food, entrepreneurship, and a semi-dysfunctional family. How do you link them all smoothly? If you quiz director Mallorie Ortega on this, she might suggest that you read the screenplay of her latest film The Girl Who Left Home. Set in the suburban United States, Orgeta’s musical dramedy is […]

‘Undertow’ review – a haunting love story with an achingly beautiful finale

Peru is one of the most affected countries in the world to be plagued by COVID-19 pandemic. The nation’s poor and lower-middle-class are struggling to combat the virus due to inadequate healthcare facilities despite an early lockdown. That reminds me of director Javier Fuentes-León‘s 2009 film Undertow (Spanish: Contracorriente) which was set […]