‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ review – a middling fare at best

As one parks oneself to watch Spider-Man: Far from Home, it is near-impossible to disassociate oneself from the pretty recent aftertaste (or wounds) of Avengers: Endgame. Directed by Jon Watts, the film in itself carries a similar disposition and it, therefore, chooses to kick off with a video montage featuring […]

‘Fighting With My Family’ review – a pleasant wrestling biopic with a first-rate central act

Coming-of-age films are always about finding an equilibrium. There will be clichés galore that ‘might be’ unavoidable to project the bumps and troughs but it is in a screenwriter’s ability to find a balance between each conflict and each resolution that such premises take solid shape. One that belongs to […]

‘Us’ review – an unnerving horror feature aided by a textured screenplay

Hollywood’s latest Spring offering is breakthrough filmmaker Jordan Peele’s second directorial effort Us. The writer-director who earned global fame with his crackling genre-bending horror-satire Get Out, proves a magnificent student of cinema with his latest Lupita Nyong’o-starrer film. Why? Because the film is so rich in genre textures, and with […]

‘Border’ review – Explores genetic deformities to churn out a chilling genre-bending drama

It is always intriguing to sit through a film that slips genres and eventually catches you unawares. Director Ali Abbasi’s Swedish language film Border (Gräns) kicks off as an investigative drama with its odd-looking protagonist as the principal object. Tina (Eva Melander), who works for the customs department at a Swedish […]