IFFI Review: ‘Tailor’ cuts a breezy picture of embracing change in modern-day Greece

Premiered in late 2020, Sonia Liza Kenterman’s Greek drama Tailor continues its film festival outings through late 2021. One that chronicles the story of a classy tailor of suits, the film is set in suburban Athens crippled by scarcity and economic uncertainty. Playing the lead Nicos is Dimitris Imellos – whose goofy […]

‘Escape from Mogadishu’ review – Fiery action powers a tale of survival from Korean history

The uneasy equation between South Korea and North Korea has forever been a matter that generated immense amounts of curiosity. South Korean filmmaker Ryoo Seung-wan’s Escape from Mogadishu, set in 1991, presents a helpless scenario where both parties unwillingly join hands for a common cause – to escape a civil […]

‘Luzzu’ review – a heartbreaking Maltese film that glows in its neorealistic beauty

Some occupations go defunct with time. Much like the species of fish that gradually succumb to extinction amid climate change, the fishermen in Malta are falling prey to occupational erosion. Local filmmaker Alex Camilleri’s feature debut Luzzu presents this tricky situation where tradition gets consumed by the need for a sustainable livelihood. […]

‘Bergman Island’ review – Mia Hansen-Løve conceives a clever, meditative auto-fiction

French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve’s work is known to resonate with a strong auteurial voice. Her cinema deals with intimate characters who delve deep into their minds – which often is a reflection of the director’s own mindscape. Hansen-Løve’s latest film Bergman Island may appear to be a spellbinding ode to Ingmar […]

Locarno Review: ‘Shankar’s Fairies’ is a reflective journey to 1960s India

There is nothing that equates to the tenderness of childhood. Our growing-up years are filled with endless questions, dollops of curiosity, and many mesmerizing stories. Director Irfana Majumdar’s Hindi language film Shankar’s Fairies set in 1962 portrays a network where a bright little girl Anjana (Shreeja Mishra) forges a bond […]

Tribeca Review: ‘India Sweets and Spices’ is a charming family film peppered with warmth and sarcasm

Time is the biggest narrative changer. In Geeta Malik’s fascinating coming-of-age drama India Sweets And Spices, UCLA freshman Alia Kapur (Sophia Ali) is at her life’s transformational ridge. Not particularly thrilled to meet her family for the summer vacations, Alia is decidedly different from the Indian fraternity that forms her […]