“Harikatha Prasanga (Chronicles of Hari)”… A well-researched piece on gender identity crisis!

Art, often, enjoys greater freedom and choices than artists. Art knows no boundaries while society keeps artists at seams. In debutante Ananya Kasaravalli’s Harikatha Prasanga (Chronicles of Hari), art is a nearly a saviour to its performer. Why? Because Karnataka treasures its traditional art form ‘Yakshagana’ with staunch pride. On […]

Hamsalekha – The man who reinvented Kannada film music…

Growing up listening to Hamsalekha’s eclectic music is one. Discovering Kannada film music through Hamsalekha is another. I belong to the second category. Not a native Kannadiga, I was introduced to the illustrious and much-underrated Kannada film music by friends and film aficionados. There was one constant factor in majority of […]