“Harikatha Prasanga (Chronicles of Hari)”… A well-researched piece on gender identity crisis!

Art, often, enjoys greater freedom and choices than artists. Art knows no boundaries while society keeps artists at seams. In debutante Ananya Kasaravalli’s Harikatha Prasanga (Chronicles of Hari), art is a nearly a saviour to its performer. Why? Because Karnataka treasures its traditional art form ‘Yakshagana’ with staunch pride. On […]

“American Honey”… An unseen kaleidoscope on North American counterculture!

A road film through the United States of America that pretty much sums up its under-explored counterculture. Centred around a group of edgy hippies on a magazine subscription sale, the film attempts to project their aspirations, adventures, sentiments and veiled dreams. The road trip ain’t one through those plush states […]

“Arrival”… A creative, emotionally rich science fiction drama!

Language. Every organism has one since communication is indispensable. Languages let us connect with your past and future, while allowing us to persist in the present. Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s latest Arrival examines how communication could change the world around. The film, incidentally, belongs to the science-fiction genre and hence offers a […]

“100-crore films should not evaluate Keralites and their taste for cinema!” – Dr. Biju | Interview at IFFI

Dr. Biju is one of Malayalam cinema’s prominent filmmakers when it comes to cinema with strong social messages. No wonder, many of his films went on win national and international honours. His latest film Kaadu Pookkunna Neram starring Indrajith and Rima Kallingal is no different. Screened at 47th Indian Film Festival of […]

‘Shankhachil’ review – conscience knows no borders

“Panchi nadiyaan… pawan ke jhonken… Yunhi sarhad na… inhe roke…” Javed Akhtar’s National Award-winning lines from Refugee will be recalled as veteran Goutam Ghose’s latest Shankhachil concludes. A moving family drama underlined with layers of Indo-Bangladesh ties, religious and national identity, the film has a lot to say. Screened at […]

“Barakah Meets Barakah” – Saudi Arabia in Yash Raj Films mould!

Festival film tag is a massive cliché. Hence, it is rare to sight a light-hearted film winning hearts left, right and centre at a film festival. Guess what? Mahmoud Sabbagh’s Barakah Meets Barakah (Barakah yoqabil Barakah) meets this description to T. Mind you, this isn’t any brainless rom-com. The story offers […]