“Apostasy” is a quiet, distressing portrait of family ties and rigid orthodoxy!

Jehova’s Witnesses – One Christian denomination that’s been generating curiosity in me for long. Even in India where Christianity is a minority and Witnesses even fewer in number, it has always intrigued me on how they indulged in door-to-door preaching and pamphlet distribution, both of which involved pretty direct religious […]

“Redoubtable” – A stylish retro piece that Godardians will lap up instantly!

Michel Hazanavicius’s Redoubtable is manna from the heaven for Jean-Luc Godard fanboys. Be it the lead character Godard’s somewhat toxic rebellion or his own erroneous ideas about a Marxist society, the film spectacle the transitional years in the veteran filmmaker’s life. Set amidst the New Wave Movement that took place […]

“Summer 1993” – Carla Simón’s outstanding debut drenches you in a sea of emotions!

Do you remember those discreet overheard conversations from childhood? Some were hard to sink in. And there are others that remain entrenched for a lifetime. You weren’t the intended recipient in the first place. Then again, how would a child govern his/her own perceptions? Debutante director Carla Simón’s autobiographical Summer […]

“Mukkabaaz” is Anurag Kashyap’s sweeping ode to Bollywood’s ‘Good vs Evil’ sagas!

Tusshar Sasi | 13th October 2017 Earlier this year, I got to watch Rahul Dahiya’s G Kutta Se. Although canvassed in a far more rural setup, the film projected a similar atmosphere – of caste-based power politics, religious intolerance, honour and the pre-assigned role of women in the social arrangement. […]

‘The Other Side of Hope’ review – about hatred, humanity, and a little humour

The initial reel of veteran Aki Kaurismäki’s The Other Side of Hope leaves us confused on the film’s genre. Famous for his rich oeuvre of clever, humorous plots, his latest film begins with a spate of silence that incidentally conveys quite a lot. Only to be halted by a live acoustic performance […]