‘Undertow’ review – a haunting love story with an achingly beautiful finale

Peru is one of the most affected countries in the world to be plagued by COVID-19 pandemic. The nation’s poor and lower-middle-class are struggling to combat the virus due to inadequate healthcare facilities despite an early lockdown. That reminds me of director Javier Fuentes-León‘s 2009 film Undertow (Spanish: Contracorriente) which was set […]

‘Paheli’: A Picturesque Folk Tale With A Message On Women Empowerment

Amol Palekar directed Paheli. The actor who came to limelight in the ’70s and ’80s as the young middle-class man in bustling Indian metropolises, one would identify him as the poster boy of everydayness. He was seen in stories devoid of extra colours, those with dishevelled relationships and in lyrical […]

‘Rajnigandha’: About a Fragrance That Smells Like Love

“Adhikaar ye jabse saajan ka har dhadkan par maana maine Main jabse unke saath bandhi, ye bhed tabhi jaana maine Kitna sukh hai bandhan mein…’ Rajnigandha phool tumhare bikhre yunhi jeevan mein…” Writes lyricist Yogesh for Basu Chatterjee’s Rajnigandha. The words roughly translate to: “Since I’ve given him every right […]