‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ review – a striking lead cast elevates a film on familial bonds

Director Abhishek Jain’s Hum Do Hamare Do instigates an interesting thought. What is family? Is it a way to define a group of people who are biologically related and are co-habiting in order to follow what is a societal norm? Have we, especially in an Indian context, tried to deconstruct […]

‘Escape from Mogadishu’ review – Fiery action powers a tale of survival from Korean history

The uneasy equation between South Korea and North Korea has forever been a matter that generated immense amounts of curiosity. South Korean filmmaker Ryoo Seung-wan’s Escape from Mogadishu, set in 1991, presents a helpless scenario where both parties unwillingly join hands for a common cause – to escape a civil […]

‘Sardar Udham’ review – Shoojit Sircar’s film sets a golden benchmark for Bollywood historicals

The process of exploring Shoojit Sircar’s cinema in several ways is meditative, irrespective of their quality. It feels like watching a flavorful bowl of soup – simmer and boil into perfection – with the minor ingredients immersing into the sumptuous base to turn into a thick, nutritious blend. Sircar’s latest […]

‘Luzzu’ review – a heartbreaking Maltese film that glows in its neorealistic beauty

Some occupations go defunct with time. Much like the species of fish that gradually succumb to extinction amid climate change, the fishermen in Malta are falling prey to occupational erosion. Local filmmaker Alex Camilleri’s feature debut Luzzu presents this tricky situation where tradition gets consumed by the need for a sustainable livelihood. […]

‘Bergman Island’ review – Mia Hansen-Løve conceives a clever, meditative auto-fiction

French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve’s work is known to resonate with a strong auteurial voice. Her cinema deals with intimate characters who delve deep into their minds – which often is a reflection of the director’s own mindscape. Hansen-Løve’s latest film Bergman Island may appear to be a spellbinding ode to Ingmar […]