‘Bhayanakam’ review – an anti-war masterpiece high on implied violence

Director Jayaraj’s famed navarasa series has always been of great intrigue. Some were a class apart (Shantam), some middling (Bhibhatsa) and some wholly unremarkable (Veeram). In his 2018 film Bhayanakam, the filmmaker attempts to depict the air of mammoth fear which prevailed in Kerala during the terrifying period of World […]

‘Missing Johnny’ – a languid yet nuanced portrait of young lives in Taipei

Set in modern-day Taipei, debutant filmmaker Xi Huang’s Missing Johnny comes with a fascinating plot device – the title character, Johnny. He who never appears in the film is omnipresent in the film’s plot-line thanks to his friends, family and relatives relentlessly dialling a certain wrong number. The number belongs […]

‘Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane Ki Baarish’ review – Bombay in blue and red hues

As they wade through the daily hazards of Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay), the residents of the city would feel a sudden respite upon seeing a flicker of ‘Bombayness’ – albeit in a film. I’m referring to the bittersweet flavour that Bombay used to emanate – even to stark outsiders who merely […]