“Manikarnika”… A nationalistic spectacle that is more Baahubali and less Rani Laxmi Bai…

“Rani kidhar hai…” “Tumhari tadap mein… TADAP (loud)” “SHUT UP…… (loud)” Dialogue writer Prasoon Joshi’s rhyme game in Manikarnika is so on point in this ferocious exchange between a British commander and an Indian soldier that we – the audience – are left clueless. Should we be sporting a smug […]

‘Border’ review – Explores genetic deformities to churn out a chilling genre-bending drama

It is always intriguing to sit through a film that slips genres and eventually catches you unawares. Director Ali Abbasi’s Swedish language film Border (Gräns) kicks off as an investigative drama with its odd-looking protagonist as the principal object. Tina (Eva Melander), who works for the customs department at a Swedish […]

“Petta”… A smashing tribute to Rajinikanth that transports you to the ’90s!

Ever considered an outsider’s idea of a quintessential Rajinikanth film? Especially of the strata that generalize ‘South movies’ based on the ones they see dubbed on Hindi satellite channels. According to them, the superstar’s film contains flips (cigarettes, sunglasses and pretty much everything that he gets hold of), slow-motion action, […]