‘Apostasy’ review – a distressing portrait of family ties and rigid orthodoxy

Jehova’s Witnesses – One Christian denomination that’s been generating curiosity in me for long. Even in India where Christianity is a minority and Witnesses even fewer in number, it has always intrigued me on how they indulged in door-to-door preaching and pamphlet distribution, both of which involved pretty direct religious […]

‘Redoubtable’ review – a stylish retro piece that Godardians will lap up instantly

Michel Hazanavicius’s Redoubtable is manna from heaven for Jean-Luc Godard fanboys. Be it the lead character Godard’s somewhat toxic rebellion or his own erroneous ideas about a Marxist society, the film spectacle the transitional years in the veteran filmmaker’s life. Set amidst the New Wave Movement that took place in […]

‘Summer 1993’ review – Carla Simón’s debut drenches you in a sea of emotions

Do you remember those discreet overheard conversations from childhood? Some were hard to sink in. And there are others that remain entrenched for a lifetime. You weren’t the intended recipient in the first place. Then again, how would a child govern his/her own perceptions? Debutante director Carla Simón’s autobiographical Summer […]