L’Avenir (Things To Come) – Perfection, thy name is Isabelle Huppert!

How uneasy will it be if a film expects its powerful lead performer to ‘rescue’ it? That is precisely the case with French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve’s inert drama L’Avenir (Things To Come). Helmed by the magnetic Isabelle Huppert, the film comes off as intellectual. Playing a philosophy teacher, Huppert’s Nathalie lives […]

“After the Storm “… A truthful picture of life and its unsaid miseries!

Acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda appears to be a keen observer. It is perhaps in the detailing, he tends to know his characters inside out. Had his actors ever questioned on what his lead (Ryota) would be doing on a New Year night, Koreeda would have had a pointed reply. With such fine […]

“Bacalaureat (Graduation)”… is a clash of ethics and legitimate ambitions!

Set in a gloomy Transylvanian town, Cristian Mungiu’s latest Bacalaureat (Graduation) works on various levels. Following a familiar, universal arc, Mungiu introduces us to Dr. Romeo’s practical ambitions for his daughter being challenged by an unforeseen jolt. With no option than to compromise on the very ethics he taught his […]

Tschick (Goodbye Berlin) – Fatih Akin’s ode to adolescence

Two teenagers. A stolen lada. No agenda. One helluva road trip with a Richard Clayderman cassette tape springing a bright surprise. Fatih Akin’s Tschick has all trappings of a riotous commercial bromance – just that the protagonists are in their adolescence. Screened at 18th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star, Tschick interestingly is […]

Kinara – Akin to reading a mellow, atmospheric novel…

Gulzar’s Kinara is special. One of the reasons being Hema Malini who is in her elements here. Not without that quintessential south Indian fragrance she brings in, Kinara is comfort zone for her. There is dance, emotions that fluctuate from mild to heavy-duty. There’s also some great music and an easy-breezy way of […]